Cost of Living in Utrecht. Netherlands - $3.821.34/mo
Quality of life in Utrecht, Netherlands
Cost of living Costs of living in Utrecht are in the most expensive 20 percent of all 248 Teleport cities and the second most expensive in Netherlands. Moving to Utrecht will very likely increase your daily costs of living.

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A Guide to the Cost of Living in the Netherlands
Cost of Utilities in the Netherlands The basic utilities (electricity, water, heating, garbage) will cost between 150-170€ per month in all the cities, although the average is a bit higher in Utrecht (around 190€). Internet will cost between 30-50€ per month in every city.

Utrecht for a Digital Nomad

Utrecht costs $3,833 per month to live and work remotely with 40 mbps internet speed, is a mediocre place for digital nomads to live. Today it’s 8 C with okay air quality (52 µg/m3). See cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics about Netherlands as a

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Largely depends on your spending habits. Housing in Utrecht is a big problem, especially for international students. If you get student accommodation, you’ll be spending around 450–550 euros on rent, electricity, water, and wifi. If you rent out a

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Utrecht apartments for rent from 520 € per month Find & compare 529 cheap furnished Utrecht apartments, rooms & flats for rent in Utrecht monthly and short-long term! This beautiful 1-bedroom apartment is located on the 1st floor of a beautiful property, alongside

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The answer to ‘what is the average cost of living in The Netherlands?’ would not be very helpful for the following reasons: * Below a certain income additional subsidies are available * When you have kids an child benefit can be added to income *
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 · i have been offered a phd in Utrecht with a fellowship of 1400euros.I have booked a room inside university campus for 620euros.since the room is inside campus there is no transportation cost .I’m a vegetarian .can you please tell me if the f’ship is enough to survive
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The more you wish to stay out and travel, the more the cost. So the real cost of living is of course dependent on the person. Here is my opinion on the cost of living of an average Indian. House rent can cost from €250 (for a small single bedroom with shared

Cost of studying in Netherlands for International Students

The currency in the Netherlands is the Euro (€). The expected cost of living for students is roughly €800-1,100 a month, which is Rs. 60,000 – 75,000 in INR. Student discounts are available on food, leisure activities and transport (You can buy a discount card for

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Utrecht University Ranking, Programs, Admission Process & Living Cost Bhavya Rawal Study Abroad Expert Utrecht University is a public research university in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Established in 1636, the university is among the oldest universities in the
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Learn more from expats in Utrecht about jobs, housing and cost of living in our forum. Meet at our monthly local events and make friends. Welcome to Our InterNations Community in Utrecht! Hallo, and a very warm welcome to our community of expatriates in
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Cost of Living in the Netherlands
Prospective expats will have to consider the relatively high cost of living in the Netherlands, particularly in the capital. In the 2020 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, Amsterdam was ranked as the world’s 64th most expensive city for expats out of the 209 cities surveyed, in the same bracket as European capitals such as Rome, Vienna and Oslo.

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Costs of living in the Netherlands
On average, a PhD Candidate will need at least € 1000 – € 1100 per month to cover the general cost of living in The Netherlands. This estimate does not include tuition fees and unforeseen costs, and should be used only as a general indication of the costs of living.
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Cost of living in Utrecht Expenses – USD/Month. Min. Med. Accommodation 361 470 Food 198 433 Transportation 53 209 Communications and utilities 76 109 Clothing 31 116 Sports and leisure 18 84 Total 737 1,422 Accommodation in Utrecht USD/Month. 365