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The Refugee History of Hong Kong
H ong Kong’s policy toward Vietnamese refugees, which included the use of “closed camps” and repatriations to deter refugees, were far from ideal. It has been two decades since the last refugee camp in Hong Kong closed in 2000, but some hundreds of Vietnamese refugees …
Chinese Refugees in Hong Kong
 · PDF 檔案CHINESE REFUGEES nated into World War II). Another half million were added in the next decade, when civil war in China drove fleeing Chinese ahead of the Red Army as it swept southward, eventually dominating the mainland. For Hong Kong to be flooded with
Refugees in Hong Kong
Refugees in Hong Kong have formed historic waves arriving in the city due to wars in the region and Hong Kong’s historical role as a trading and transit entrepôt. More recently those seeking asylum or protection based on torture claims are a fast growing part of the city’s population, increasing since 2004 due to changes in the legal system for considering asylum and torture claims mandated

The Case for Accepting Hong Kong Refugees in Taiwan …

 · HONG KONG, which has long been one of the great financial centers of the world, and one of only two liberal Chinese-language polities, is being swallowed up by China. The new ‘national security’ law that Beijing seeks to impose on the city is likely to extinguish the political and social freedoms that Hongkongers have long exercised.

Why Hong Kong’s History With Vietnamese Refugees …

Tags: Vietnam, hong kong, refugees, boat people Between 1975 and 1997, almost 200,000 Vietnamese sought refuge in Hong Kong. Tens of thousands were held in Hong Kong camps, often for years
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Sen. Cruz blocks Hong Kong refugee bill, blasts …

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) lambasted his Democratic colleagues in a speech on the Senate floor Friday, denouncing their support for a bill to give refugees from Hong Kong temporary protected status as a cynical ploy to undermine U.S. immigration law. On Dec. 7
Student union urges safe entry for HK refugees
The National Students’ Union of Taiwan yesterday urged the government to provide safe entry for Hong Kongers seeking asylum in the nation. As countries gradually lift their border controls, the government should provide safe entry to Hong Kongers seeking asylum in Taiwan, the group said in a statement, but added that this should be done after careful consideration had been given to the

The Hong Kong migrants fleeing to start new lives in the …

The UK will introduce a new visa at the end of January that will give 5.4 million Hong Kong residents – a staggering 70% of the territory’s population – the right to come and live in the UK, and

Surveying Hong Kong in the 1950s: Western …

Surveying Hong Kong in the 1950s: Western humanitarians and the ‘problem’ of Chinese refugees – Volume 49 Issue 2 – LAURA MADOKORO To send this article to your Kindle, first ensure [email protected] is added to your Approved Personal Document E

Refugees in Hong Kong: Developing the Legal …

1. INTRODUCTION It was remarked in 2004 that cats and dogs have more legal rights than refugees in Hong Kong; at least with household pets there was a statute, an independent appeal mechanism and specific provisions on detention. 1 A decade on and Hong Kong law has progressed somewhat in its protection of refugees, due in no small part to a trilogy of cases handed down by the Court of Final

Refugees from Hong Kong Could be Exactly what Post …

Refugees from Hong Kong Could be Exactly what Post-Brexit, Post-COVID Britain Needs Jonathan Portes 12 February 2021 Jonathan Portes explores how the Government’s offer of a home to those being politically repressed in the former British colony could
Hong Kong Refugees in Taiwan
Fearing the increasingly hard-line measures that the Chinese authorities are taking with democracy protestors, hundreds of young Hongkongers have sought refu
Hong Kong’s ‘shameful’ treatment of refugees exposed
 · If things don’t improve soon, Hong Kong’s treatment of refugees will continue to fall short of the international standards it claims to embrace, and Ping Che will continue to wither.

Hong Kong: A Haven for Chinese Refugees …

Close to two million refugees flooded to Hong Kong between the 50s and 70s to escape from political persecutions, the Great Leap Forward (1955-1961), and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). The Cultural Revolution represented a tectonic shift in traditional values in China.

′Snowden refugees′ in Hong Kong dream of safety in …

As Edward Snowden releases his memoir, refugees who sheltered him in Hong Kong in 2013 are still stuck in limbo. Now facing deportation, they hope Canada will offer them

US secretary of state supports ‘haven’ for political refugees fleeing Hong Kong …

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The top American diplomat said Monday (Feb. 1, EST) that he supports accepting political refugees from Hong Kong as Beijing continues to tighten its grip in that city, saying China must be met with strength. In his first interview as secretary of state, Antony Blinken on Monday (Feb. 1) discussed with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell the foreign policy challenges facing the
‘Secret plan’ for HK refugees in Britain
It said the proposed laws are a “comprehensive assault” on autonomy, the rule of law and freedoms and a “flagrant breach” of the Sino-British Joint Declaration that returned Hong Kong to China in