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Details This listing is for a nickel spot test kit to detect nickel in any metal. I am an industrial formulation chemist by trade and have sourced the highest quality nickel spot testing kit. Unfortunately, there is no current cure for a nickel allergy. Avoidance is …
Allergy to nickel
Clin Exper Allergy. 1993;23:306-310. Cronin E, de Michiel A, Brown SS. Oral nickel challenge in nickel-sensitive women with hand eczema. Ann Clin Lab Sci. 1981;11:91. Veiein NK, Menne T. Nickel contact allergy and a nickel-restricted diet. Semin Dermatol.

Intrauterine copper contraceptive devices and allergy …

We tested for allergy to copper by patch tests in 69 women who were using copper IUDs and 50 young women who did not use any IUD. In these 119 women we have also tested to nickel. Patch tests were performed with a 5% solution of copper sulfate and with a 10% glycerol solution of nickel sulfate.
Testing for allergies to metal implants
Many surgical procedures involve implanting artificial metallic components such as joint replacements (arthroplasties), plates, screws and internal “plumbing” that contain metals such as titanium, nickel, cobalt and other heavy metal alloys. Ever since mercury dental amalgam was thought to be a health hazard in the 1970’s, people have become very aware of possible side effects …
Metal allergy
Multiple questions are in the archives of Ask the Expert related to the issue of patch testing and in vitro testing for metal allergy in a patient with orthopedic issues. A couple of these are copied below and I would encourage you to search using the terms “metal allergy” or specific forms of testing.
nickel test kit
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Allergy Testing
No test is perfect and, though a negative test means allergy to that substance is unlikely, it does not completely exclude allergy. Elevated results often indicate an allergy. However, not all patients with a positive specific IgE test will have an actual physical allergic reaction when exposed to that substance – the patient in this case is said to be “sensitised” rather than allergic
Orthopedic Analysis
Through Advanced Immunological Testing Orthopedic Analysis was established to help doctors and patients diagnose metal allergy Before surgery to prevent hypersensitivity related problems. After surgery when material hypersensitivity is suspected.
Types of Allergy Tests
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The two types of hypersensitivities commonly associated with the term “allergies” are type I immediate hypersensitivities and type IV delayed hypersensitivities. Type I signs and symptoms: On the skin, an acute type I allergic reaction causes hives, dermatitis, and itching, while over time, the allergy may cause atopic dermatitis and eczema.
Allergy Test
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Orthopedic Analysis
Allergy testing for gutta-percha uses natural raw gutta-percha. Especially with preventive queries it can be useful to test the specific gutta-percha product to be used, because, for example, synthetically produced gutta-percha or processed natural raw materials do not necessarily contain any longer all allergen components of the raw gutta-percha.
Elisa Food Allergy Testing
ELISA food allergy testing, which is also known as the ELISA food intolerance test, is done to find out allergies or intolerance to certain specific food items. It is usually recommended for those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is characterized by abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, bloating or …
Patch testing. Delayed hypersensitivity patch tests are the easiest methods of testing for ‘delayed’ allergies (for example allergies to rubber or nickel). A concentration of the suspected allergen is applied to the skin under a nonabsorbent adhesive patch and left for 48 hours.

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Immunoglobulin E tests
 · Immunoglobulin E tests, IgE tests, IgE testing. Authoritative facts from DermNet New Zealand. The colour of the top of the tube denotes what tests it is suitable for. In this case, the tube with the gold top (a serum separator tube) is used for IgE tests.What are the
Allergy Immunology Service
Allergy Immunology Service RAST SYSTEM FOR THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF ALLERGIES Micro-Screen Serolab offers a RAST screen for a total of eight allergens at a nominal price. Six of the allergens are pollens and are coupled to the same disc.