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Drain and fruit fly larvae, or “maggots“, are very small and often not even noticeable. Details WHERE THEY BREED These small flies breed in drains/garbage disposals, moist flower pots, garbage cans, ripening fruit, or around any dampness created by …
Drain fly or fruit fly problems ?
Fruit flies and drain flies aren’t particularly attracted to UV light either like other types of flies so EFK (electronic fly killers) are less effective in dealing with these types of fly. The only long-term solution for these flies is to remove the breeding sites through thorough cleaning.

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Drain Fly Drain flies live for about twenty days. Within those days, the female will breed one time and lay between 30 to 100 eggs. The eggs will hatch in larvae (maggot) within 48 hours. Drain flies derives from buildup and bacteria in drains hence the name drain fly.

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DRAIN and FRUIT FLY CONTROL PROCEDURES First and foremost, seeing as how these flies like drains, using a drain cleaner ( DRAIN GEL ) is highly reccomended. The gel is conducive to a drain, as it will break up whatever’s inside, removing their source of food.
Drain Flies
Vinegar Fly Vinegar flies are a common nuisance pest in restaurants, supermarkets, fruiterers, canneries, homes and other locations that may attract these insects with fermenting or rotting vegetative matter. Vinegar flies are found mostly in over ripened fruit
 · PDF 檔案Fruit Fly Fighter Ingestion Irritation of gastrointestinal tract, nausea, diarrhea Immediate Treatment / Antidote: symptomatic treatment Delayed Effects: bacterial infection Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If patient is conscious, give water to

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This fruit fly drain treatment is non toxic, which makes it safe for your home, hotels, bars, and restaurants. Our all natural, non toxic ingredients starts working to kill flies immediately, and coats your drain to ensure eggs and adults are eliminated.
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Fruit & Drain Fly Killer (1) Quart – Natural Armor

Works On The Worst Fruit Fly & Drain Fly Infestations. Can Be Used In Bars, Bathrooms, Homes, Hotels, Kitchens & Restaurants. HOW IT WORKS SAFELY–This Thick Gel Treatment Clings & Sticks To Pipe Walls Killing The Fruit Fly & Drain Fly Eggs Effectively Eliminating The Very Source Of …
Fruit Fly Destroyer
Fruit Flies feed off of the organic waste in the drain pipe, which help them grow. Fruit Fly Destroyer eliminates them in a unique way. When sprayed on the larva, it will embed itself into them, causing their systems to shut down. This leads to their death and the
Drain Gel
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Fruit Fly Destroyer Fruit Fly Destroyer is the only true and safe product on today’s market that will end the fruit fly breeding cycle. Unlike bleach, nasty fly strips, and hard chemicals that will not end, stop or kill the breeding process. All-natural bio-based
Fruit Fly Strip (10-Pack) Commercial Grade
Drain-Net offers Restaurants plumbing products such as Floor Drain Strainers, Floor Sink Baskets, Grease Traps, Wet Waste Interceptors, and Drain Baskets. T here is an easy, EPA approved, do-it-yourself commercial pest control solution! Drain-Tech’s Fruit Fly
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Drain Fly Identification, Habits & Behavior
Drain Fly Habitat Drain flies develop in muck or gelatinous material that accumulates in sewage disposal beds, septic tanks, moist compost, or dirty garbage containers. They may also emerge from drains of sinks or bathtubs, from tree holes, rain barrels, moist organic solids, or bird nests that have accumulations of fecal material.
How to Get Rid of Drain Flies Australia In 3 Easy Steps
Drain fly remedy #3: Go the extra mile. Are you already feeling more relaxed about how to get rid of Psychodidae? It sounds like you’re ready to go one step further in order to really get on top of your drain fly infestation. Remove any fruit from the area Cover your
Fruit Fly Bar Pro insecticide vapor strip for restaurants
Drain-Tech’s Fruit Fly Strip is perfect for those hard to reach areas or nests with a deep penetrating vapor that kills, prevents and protects for up to four months. What bugs does it kill? Fruit Flies, spiders, cockroaches, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ear wigs, silverfish, and moths.
Fruit Fly & Drain Fly Killer
Fruit Fly & Drain Fly Killer – Simple & Safe Drain Gel Treatment – This Solution Eliminates Gross Fruit Flies, Sewer Flies & Gnat Infestations From Sink Drains. Fast & Easy, All-Natural Biodegradable Solution by Natural Armor – 1 Quart (32 Ounces)FAST ACTING & EASY TO USE – Simply Pour This Specially Formulated Gel Solution Down Any Sink Drain Or Floor Drain Where Fruit Flies and Drain

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FAST ACTING: Our drain fly treatment is a specially formulated gel that coats your drain and sticks to the pipe walls killing all forms of flies, from the adult to the egg. Our bio gel formulation works to eliminate even the worst drain and fruit fly infestation.